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TWO ENEMIES OF SUCCESS (Hint: They live with you)

TWO ENEMIES OF SUCCESS (Hint: They live with you)

Yes, there are two enemies that most of us battle on a daily basis! We face them every morning when we wake up, and they follow us around all day. Who are these enemies? Mr. Procrastination and Ms. Avoidance. They live inside your mind and feed you with excuses. Come...

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Lately I have noticed that restaurants are a lot quieter than they used to be. Families, couples and friends sit glued to their phones. Often they aren’t even looking or talking to each other. I see parents on their phones while their child sits and eats in...

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Read These Tips And Stop Suffering From Panic Attacks

Read These Tips And Stop Suffering From Panic Attacks

  While brief in nature, panic attacks can be extremely troubling. If possible, you want to know the best tips available for panic attacks so that you can help to prevent them. This article will have a wealth of great information for just this purpose. Take a few...

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Cindy has shown time and time again that she is a highly engaging speaker. As a Clarity Coach, she is also an amazing listener and helped me get clarity and confidence at a time when I was going through a multitude of overwhelming personal and professional situations. (College graduation; Loss of a loved one) She is a real exemplification of what she teaches. Joe D.

Glassboro, NJ

I have had the opportunity to work with Cindy and the 5 C’s that Clear Path uses to help both the overall business and more importantly, it helps employees become clearer with how to not only improve their personal lives, but become more productive at work. In addition it has helped me become clearer on where I am currently in my life and business future. I highly recommend you take the time to visit with Cindy to learn more about the 5 C’s and how it can benefit you, your family and your employment. PS: There is even a ‘Celebration’ “C” you do not want to miss!

Steven W.

Turnersville, NJ

I met Cindy after only a few months of becoming widowed. She walked in the door with a smile that brightened my heart. After only a few hours with her, I began to finally feel as though there was hope for me to accept this most devastating loss. She worked with me through her program with intellect, compassion, empathy, humor and professionalism. I highly recommend Cindy Cipriani to anyone who is in need of help recovering from grief. Carol

Mullica Hill, NJ

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