ClearPath By Cindy

Are you aching because your personal and/or professional life just isn’t what you want it to be?

Ready to make a change but don’t know where to start?

The clear path to the answers is The 5C Solution. This simple process works in every area of life and business! Even in the darkest, most emotional times, this process is your lifeline to creating what your heart in longing for.

How do I know? Where did the The 5C Solution come from? What are the 5 C’s?

I’ll give you the short version:

Sixteen years ago, while standing in the middle of a psychiatric ward on Thanksgiving morning, I had a moment of CLARITY. I had suffered a nervous breakdown, been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after years of verbal, emotional and physical abuse, and had just survived a suicide attempt. Then and there I COMMITED to God and myself that I was going to climb out of this pit of despair and when I was strong enough I would make sure that no one ever felt as low and alone as I did at that moment.

I knew the CHALLENGES ahead of me seemed insurmountable – I was going through a divorce, unemployed, had two young teens, was battling medical issues and had been shunned by my religion, family and friends. But my anguish turned to anger, which transformed into strength as I vowed not to waste another day. I CREATED a Clear Path to follow, one step at a time, and decided to start CELEBRATING all the little moments that made life worth living. Like watching my kids laugh, hugging my dog, eating a chocolate covered cherry and singing loudly in the car!

Also losing 28 Loved Ones has given me a unique perspective on the emotional effects of grief. Each one of these special people have inspired me, given me countless wonderful memories, and filled my heart with love. I only tell you this portion of my story to encourage you that no matter what today is like, you are not alone! This is also why I became a Certified Grief Recovery Coach so that I have a proven process that moves people out of grief from loss, addiction and life changes and into a fulfilling new journey.

My journey led me to the discovery of who I truly am in my core. Being forced to stop and examine my thoughts, core beliefs, experiences and emotions led to finding out not just how my life derailed, but why. I discovered a compassion and empathy that I had never had before, and I realized that we are never taught HOW to navigate when things get tough. We all try to figure it out on our own, and feel scared and overwhelmed in the process.

When I started using The 5C Solution in every aspect of my life, things fell in place. Even now, when I get off course, I know it is because I have forgotten to follow The 5C’s. For the past four years, I have been teaching The 5C Solution to others one on one. I discovered that it Works for Everyone! That’s when I knew I had to bring this to more people on a much larger scale. But How?

My current husband and I own a business where I was a multi-million dollar salesperson and sales manager. So I shared The 5C Solution with our sales and production teams. Not only did it change the morale of the company, but the individual lives of those working there changed! Each person was struggling with personal situations that they couldn’t just leave at their door when they went to work. They couldn’t be as engaged, productive and focused as they wanted to be. Using The 5C Solution, they became clear on their personal, financial and professional aspirations. The 5C Solution gave them the steps to implement a Clear Path to solving their problems and obtaining their goals, which in turn helped the business achieve not only bottom line profits but a loyal and engaged staff!

Want the same results? I’d love for you to join The Clear Path Community and bring The 5C Solution into your life and business – just imagine what having a real Solution to use every day for the rest of your life would mean for you and those around you!

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