OK – I gotta vent. I don’t watch a lot of TV, but the other night I just wanted to sit and relax, so I got comfortable on the sofa and flipped through the channels. I started watching “Modern Family”. I’ve heard people talking about this sitcom and expected it to be pretty good. Instead I was amazed at how families are portrayed.

What happened to father’s that know best? Mothers that are sweet and loving? Kids that actually speak in full respectful sentences? OK – maybe I’m showing my age and this show is really how “modern” life is. But I’m begging you – Don’t Be a “Modern Family”!

Buck this stereotypical model of family life! Fathers – gain respect by showing how smart, hardworking and loving you are. Mothers – teach your children life skills. Children –look to your parents for guidance and protection. Be involved in each other’s lives! Put down the cell phones and actually talk to each other about your daily lives, future dreams and how you can support each other.
Be thankful for each other. Speak in a tone that says you love each other. Create a Family Prosperity Plan (See my post dated July 15, 2013). Make it your goal to create a close family bond. If you have difficulty relating to each other, reach out for help! Implementing “The 5 C Solution” as a family will give you everything you really want – mutual love, respect, fun and purpose.

What do you think?

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