Today is my 12th Wedding Anniversary! I cannot believe that 12 years has flown by this quickly! It really only seems like about three. On that special day, I decided that I was going to remember every minute of the day. And I do! Along with my best friends, Fran and Jill, I had planned a fabulous day starting with being picked up by a limo which took us to a day spa. We were treated to salt scrubs and massages, manicures and pedicures and time to relax in our white fluffy robes. Then we were taken to the hair salon for up-do’s and makeup. Next our carriage floated us to lunch were we drank mimosa’s and laughed like little girls. Part of the laughter was that I was wearing a jeweled crown, after all, it was my special day! By the time we reached the wedding site to get dressed for photos, all I could think about was seeing my soon-to-be-husband, Jay.

Jay and I had been dating for almost three years. We both had been married before, and had traumatic divorces. Our sons had seen the worst of relationships, and we were looking forward to showing them that there can be happiness after all that pain. So, on that gorgeous summer evening, in front of our friends and family, we said “I do” and partied like there was no tomorrow! People still tell us it was one of their all-time favorite weddings because we were both SO happy and everyone had so much fun.

What are your favorite days? What days can you remember every detail of? You don’t have to wait for a special day to make the day memorable. You can just focus on the minutes instead of having them fly by unnoticed. You can decide to treat yourself to an exceptionally fun and happy day and share it with those around you. Especially as the summer is flying by and winding down, make today a day that you will remember every moment of!  Go forth and celebrate your life!! Be present!!

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