Lately I have noticed that restaurants are a lot quieter than they used to be. Families, couples and friends sit glued to their phones. Often they aren’t even looking or talking to each other. I see parents on their phones while their child sits and eats in silence. Or couples that are both texting someone else while sitting there together. It’s no wonder so many people feel disengaged and lonely.

Rate your relationships with the people in your life that mean the most to you. Make a list of their names and titles. Beside each name put a number from 0-10 representing the status of your relationship right now.

0 = no relationship      10 = extremely close and loving

Most people have someone in their life (perhaps a parent, sibling, child or spouse) that you wish was closer. That distance may gnaw at you. Even if you think you are “fine” with the relationship being contentious, on some level you may find yourself looking at other similar relationships that are loving and close and wishing you had the same thing.

Be very honest in evaluating your relationships. Once you have that done, write down what you wish the relationships would look like.

Do you have a 3 next to your spouse and wish it was an 8? What are you willing to change to get what you really want – a loving, fulfilling relationship?

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